A Personalised Watch

After two successful watch releases, it’s time to get back to the inspiration behind the SEITIES brand. The T W I S T   L O C K watch, a modular watch, which will be made from either bio-plastic or recycled plastic, the choice of which is yet to be finalised. The watch is designed to be personalised with a multitude of colours between the three modular pieces that fit inside each other and twist lock into place. Then there is the addition of interchangeable dials, which will consist of limited addition designs and colours as well as the ability to produce dials with personalised individual designs, therefore truly re-connecting with the brand vision and name [si:ITI]– noun ‘personal identity.’

Eco and Sustainability

By utilising either bioplastics or recycled plastic enables the SEITIES brand to do our part for the environment and sustainability. Both materials result in a lower carbon footprint in production. In addition, bioplastics utilise renewable resources and are biodegradable. Whereas recycled plastic helps remove waste plastic from the environment and be reused. It can then also be recycled and reused again and again.