Unique Design

The TWIST LoCK by SEITIES Watches is a project we are currently working on. The watch is truly unique, designed with the three modular parts fitting together and twist locking into place, therefore requiring no watch making tools. The inner dial/movement housing is supplied with the movement, hands and glass fitted and is designed to slide straight into the outer case. The case back then pushes inside the outer case and twist locks into place securing the three pieces. The watch band then slides internally through the back of the watch further locking the pieces.

The three-piece design has been created to enable customer interaction. In particular it is intended that the dial/movement housing will be produced in limited editions so customers can collect and mix and match the dial/movement housing with the outer case and bands allowing for easy customisation and customer involvement. Ultimately, we want to see the time where one-off designs can be produced providing truly unique timepieces fulfilling the spirit of the brand [si:ITI] – personal identity.

Eco and Sustainability

The three modular sections will be made from recycled plastic. The choice of using recycled plastic is to not only to reduce the use of virgin materials, but to also reduce current plastic waste as well as reduce the carbon footprint during manufacture. In addition to this the watch is designed with the Circular Economy in mind of Make/Use/Reuse/Refurbish/Recycle.

In our journey to make the watch circular we will encourage reuse as well as undertake refurbishment and recycling practices. In relation to reuse, we will utilise a customer-to-customer portal on our website, where customers can sell their used watches. For the refurbishment and recycling elements of the business model, customer will be encouraged to return old pieces through a cashback scheme. Then once returned the watch can be assessed for either refurbishment and resale or recycling.

We are also currently working with a number of plastic recycling collection programs to ensure all products at the end of life can be efficiently and effectively collected and recycled.

The watch’s design and sustainability has been recognised through attaining pre-selection in The Green Product Awards 2021 and in May 2021 being selected to go through to the judging rounds of the Brisbane Driven X Design Awards 2021, with the winners to be selected in July 2021

Seities - TWIST LoCK
Seities - TWIST LoCK
Seities - TWIST LoCK