Watches have a standard scale for identifying how waterproof the watch actually is. This goes from splashes to scuba diving. Depending on where you wish to wear the watch and what you wish to do determines the level of water resistance you need.

Watch Water Resistance Scale

The following are the 4 key markers on the watch water resistance scale. There are ratings between those identified below, however for the purpose of this article we are concentrating on these four.

  • 3ATM [BAR] 30 metres
  • 5ATM [BAR] 50 metres
  • 10ATM [BAR] 100 metres
  • 100ATM [BAR] 1000 metres

The scale identifies how waterproof a watch is based on a pressure test, which in laboratory conditions simulates the difference in pressure the deeper under water an object goes. The rating can be in depths [ATM / BAR] or metres. However, it is extremely important to understand that the metres indicated on the scale do NOT represent how deep a watch can go.

What is the water resistance of a 3ATM watch

A 3 ATM watch is only splash proof. They are not suitable for bathing or swimming. Dress watches most commonly have this level of water resistance. They are watches that need protection from the occasional splash, but the wearer has no intention of swimming in them.

What is the water resistance of a 5ATM watch

A 5 ATM watch is suitable for swimming and showering. They are not suitable for water sports, snorkeling or scuba diving. Many everyday watches have this level of water resistance. Using these watches in activities that they are not suitable for could lead to any warranty becoming void.

What is the water resistance of a 10 ATM watch

A 10 ATM watch is suitable for swimming, water sports and snorkeling. They are not suitable for scuba diving. This level of water resistance should be a minimum that anyone looks for when looking for a good watch that they can undertake most activities in. The kind of watch that you can wear to the office during the week or go surfing with on the weekend.

What is the water resistance of a 100ATM watch

A 100ATM watch is suitable for scuba diving and professional deep-sea diving. If you intend to scuba dive in a watch this is the standard of water resistance you really should look at. Due to the water resistance required in these watches they generally have a more robust look.

How to make sure your watch remains water resistant

The key to making sure a watch remains water resistant is the care a watch is given. Where required servicing should be undertaken by the manufacturer. If this is not required, the service should be conducted by a qualified technician. All seals should be checked and replaced if necessary, during service. Finally, the watch should be pressure tested to confirm the water resistance remains guaranteed.

How to build your own watch

At SEITIES watches we have always had a passion for watches. The designs, the style, the luxury. It is this passion that lead us into making our own watches. Hopefully after reading this article we may inspire more people into making their own watches.

Without getting to far into the technical side of watchmaking, most people who have some ability to use tools and can construct simple objects such as toys, models and even furniture, we believe can build a their very own watch. Basically, we liken it to putting together Meccano.

How to build a watch – the basic parts.

At the centre of the watch there is the movement. The next piece is the face. Then the hands. Next the case, Finally the band. These five pieces when all fitted together go to make a watch.

Building a watch – the movement.

As identified, this is the heart of the watch. There are several options to choose from here, either Quartz [battery] or Mechanical [automatic or hand wind]. Quartz movements can provide a cheaper option to mechanical movements. Starting from around $5 [AUD] you can purchase a solid Japanese or Swiss quartz movement. It is important for your first attempt to keep it simple. Look for a basic movement preferably with less functions. A simple two hand quartz movement is a great starting option. If you do choose a quartz movement be aware that any dust or contamination can cause issued with the movement.

With mechanical movements we recommend starting with the ETA 6497/98. These are a robust hand wind Swiss movement. If you chose an original ETA version the price is around $250 [AUD]. However, you can buy Chinese cloned versions. The Chinese versions you can buy for around $40 [AUD] Although more expensive these movements are easier to work with due to their stronger build.

Building a watch – the face.

Once you have chosen your movement. The next step is to choose a face that fits the movement as well as the case you are going to use. There are countless face designs to choose from. These vary from diver style, pilot style, minimalist, pearlescent and so on. The design of face is completely open to the style of watch you are building.

After choosing the style fitting the face to the movement can be achieved in two ways. Firstly, many faces have dial feet. These are small pins that stick out of the back of the dial and fit into holes in the front of the movement. You need to check the specifications of the movement and dial to make sure these fit. However, if they don’t there is a simple solution, Dial Dots. These are two sided sticky dots that stick the face to the movement. When using dial dots, it is extremely important to line up the crown with the appropriate place on the dial.

Building a watch – the hands

After fitting the face to the movement, the next step is placing the hands onto the movement barrel. As with the face it is important to check the size of hands you need. This includes both the hole size to fit the movement barrel, but also the length. You don’t want your hands to be too long that they hit the case or too short they don’t fit the dial display.

Like the face there are countless hand designs to choose from. The hands are fitted to the movement by pushing them onto the movement barrel. There are two basic tools to do this. The simplest is the hand-held pen pusher. The next is the hand press. With either tool firstly place the hole of the hand over the barrel and then push it down onto the barrel. When pushing the hands into place the easiest way to make sure they line up is to place them both at 12 when fitting. To make sure the hands have been fitted correctly wind them an number of times to make sure they do not touch the face or catch each other.


How to build a watch – the case.

Once the face and hands are on the movement, it’s time to fit the movement into the case. To do this the crown stem needs to be removed. Most quartz movements have a push release that needs to be pressed to allow the stem to be released. The crown stem in an ETA 6497/98 movement is released by unwinding the crown release screw. The screw needs to be turned in small increments until the stem is released. The stem can then be removed. Once the stems are out of the movements, they can be can be placed into the case. Once in the case the stem can be reinserted into the movement and the back of the case can be secured.

How to build a watch – the band.

Spring bars hold most watch bands in place. These go through the band on each end and then into small placement holes in the lugs of the watch. To fit the band simply push the spring bar through the band. The place one end of the spring bar into the placement hole in the lug. Then either with one of your nails or case back knife push the other end of the spring bar in to allow it to fit between the lugs. Once the spring bar is between the lugs move it so the second end fits into the second placement hole.

The above is a very simplistic description of how to build a watch. It is however, how we started, so why not give it a go.

What do you need to consider when buying a watch as a gift?

With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner here are some things to think about when buying a watch as a gift.


Wristwatch Budget – set it, stick to it and get the best deal for it.

The budget is the starting point when buying any gift. What do you have to spend? In the case of watches, this can range from as little as a few dollars up to hundreds of thousands and more. This all depends on what you are looking for and what your buying capacity is. With any budget the key is getting the best bang for your buck. Review our previous blog ‘how to choose the best watch under $300’ to see four key elements to take into consideration when buying a watch. Once set stick to your budget and look outside the big brand names and department stores for the best deals. Often, you’ll find better quality watches with better specifications in smaller boutique brands.

At SEITIES watches we believe we offer great bang for your buck. The day/date limited edition watch is fitted with a swiss quartz movement. It is housed in a 316L stainless steel case. With hardened mineral glass to top it off. We offer great value for money, because we produce watches in limited numbers and we don’t retail in stores.


Wristwatch Use – who’s it for, what’s it for?

Who is the watch for? Is it a male or female? In many cases this doesn’t really matter today. Whether a watch is for a male or a female is less defined. We commonly see women wearing large divers or pilot watches. We also often see men wearing ultra slim fine detail watches. The watch a person wears is more commonly than not, down to their personal preference and their taste, not their gender.

When will the recipient wear the watch? What is the intended use of the watch? These are crucial elements to consider when buying a watch was a gift. Identify if the watch intended for everyday use, special occasions or specific activities. If its everyday then a key element to think about is durability. If it’s for special occasions, then think about style and elegance. However, if for a specific activity think about the requirements for that activity, such as water resistance, the need for a stop watch or timer. Even with today’s smart watch market, the ability to stay connected choice of apps.

The limited edition SEITIES watches day/date watch is designed to be an everyday timepiece. Designed to fit in at the work place, while socialising with friends as well as in formal occasions.

Watches with Minimal and Contemporary Design

In what way is Minimal and Contemporary Design seen in watch design?


Minimal Design Watches


Simplicity and an avoidance of clutter signifies minimalist design. It is a design characteristic that uses basic elements. In life today there are many aspects of minimal design. We can see it in architecture, art, literature and music. Minimal designs highlight function, emphasising elements that are essential in providing an uncomplicated appearance.  For example, in architecture we see materials such as concrete and wood. These materials are used for their function and simplicity. When combined with clean geometry, minimalist design can be accomplished.


Watch design now incorporates Minimalist characteristics. The removal of complicate dial designs, bezels and lugs. The use of simple rather than elaborate hands all of which can be seen in many of today’s watch designs. It is these minimalist ideals that have led to the development of SEITIES watches day/date limited release. Utilising a clean clear dial design with simple day and date sub dials. SEITIES watches also use 316L stainless steel, hardened mineral glass and genuine leather bands. In doing so emphasising the use of basic elements within the watch industry. The goal of which was to produce a clean, clear, functional watch, the result being the limited release Day/Date range.


Contemporary Design Watches


Contemporary design identifies a style of design that is current now.  The contemporary designs we see today like minimalist designs also consist of a clean and uncluttered look. The style uses materials for their form, such as chrome finishes alongside polished wood in interior design. Linking the hard element of steel to woods softer natural aspect.  Contemporary design uses a materials colour as a feature of the design creating simple colour pallets. With the Combination of 316L stainless steel and soft leather bands SEITIES watches utilise this contemporary design feature.

Contemporary design also uses basic colours such as white, grey and black. The use of these colours provides the crisp finish to contemporary design. At SEITIES watches we utilise white and black dials in our designs to highlight the simple clean style of the watch. Combine with the absence of numbers this provides a clear and uncluttered look synonymous with contemporary and minimalist design.

What merges a watch from function to fashion

Originally watches were made for function. For example, a Rolex submariner or an IWC big pilot both made with a purpose in mind. However, today these watches are just as common at a fashion show or social event as on a diver’s or pilot’s wrist. So what merges a watch from function to fashion. There are many aspects of a watch’s design that enables it to easily move between the elements of function and fashion. However, two of the most significant elements are the band and the case material.


Watch Band Function and Fashion

As the band is changeable not only does it allow a watch to move from function to fashion. It also enables a watch to fit in with any social situation. Take a diver’s watch with a stainless-steel link band. Change the band to a classic brown alligator band it softens the look to fit in with casual clothing or even a dinner suit. Or swap a rubber band from a divers watch to a stainless-steel band. Turning an active sports look into a classic evening look. At SEITIES watches being able to personalise your watch for the appropriate situation is important. Therefore, all the Day/Date range come with the option to add stainless mesh and NATO bands. In doing so you can adapt your Seities watch to fit any occasion.


Watch Case Function and Fashion

The case material of a watch ranges from stainless steel, to titanium, gold, carbon as well as ceramics to name a few. The different materials are synonymous with the watches function. For example, the use of stainless steel in diving watches. It is however the different colour essence of the case material that contributes to a watch’s style. With the Seities watches Day/Day range we opted for the classic stainless-steel look as well as a PDV rose look. The classic stainless-steel look enables the wearer to fit in at all occasions from the work place, to a casual gathering as well as a high-class event. Simply change the band to suit the occasion or your dress style. For a more elegant look there is the PDV rose case. With a subtle hue that enables it to fit in from any casual to formal setting.


Ultimately a watch has a function, to tell the time. However, today in many instances a watch is simply used as a fashion accessory. For example, how common is it for those that are wearing a watch to check the time on their mobile telephone.

Buying a watch online

There are number key factors to consider when buying a watch on line. Three of these consist of security, shipping and guarantee.


The first thing to check is the site address. Is it http or https? https indicates that the site is secure.  Also look for the little lock icon this also indicates the site is secure. Does the business have an SSL – Secure Sockets Layer certificate. SSL Certificates identify the secure connection between the consumer and the seller. Finally, secure payments. When making payments online you need to know your details are secure. Pay Pal have a proven track record in providing secure online purchase procedures. They keep the purchases details encrypted and protected. SEITIES watches utilise all these security protocols to establish trust between you and the brand.  We have chosen to use Pay Pal as our payment method, because of their security features and excellent history with seamless online payment systems.



Once you have purchased your product you want to know it’s going to arrive with no delays and in perfect condition. This is where a secure postal / shipping agent is important. Shipping that can be tracked every step of the way. With a signature required on delivery. It is also important that your purchase is insured for loss or damage during the shipping process. SEITIES watches shipping agents provide all the above aspects to their service. This providing piece of mind that our product arrives on time in perfect condition.


Whatever you buy you expect it to work and be fit for the purpose of its purchase. This is no different when buying online. If you buy something that doesn’t work then you should expect the right of repair, replacement or refund. SEITIES watches value honesty and integrity. Therefore, SEITIES watches offer a 1 year warranty. This covers all parts of the watch that may need repair due to fault or defect under normal use. The warranty excludes the battery and band as well as normal wear and tear and improper use.

Caring for your Watch

A watch is a machine. Like all machines it requires care to remain in good working order.

Care While Wearing Your Watch

We purchas watches to be worn. The care of a watch can however, be forgotten or overlooked when worn. When wearing a watch avoid tasks that may cause damage such as gardening, DIY/construction and mechanical work. These tasks can cause unwanted dust or dirt to get onto or into your watch. There is also an added to the chance of scratching. Many fashion watches are 3ATM waterproof, therefore they should not be warn for swimming. Washing up and showering should also be undertaken with care depending on your watches water resistance.

Leisure Activities and Your Watch

Also depending on your watches water resistance, it is also important to be careful during certain leisure actives. Activities such as swimming in salt water, taking a hot spa or venturing into a steam room. These can cause corrosion as well as moisture to penetrate inside your watch. After taking a dip in the ocean even the best watches should be washed off in fresh water. This can prevent salt water corrosion.

Regular watch maintenance

Aside from caring for your watch while wearing it regular maintenance is require to keep it ticking and looking good. Mechanical watches should be serviced every four to seven years. However it is best to refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturers guide. Depending on the expence of a quartz watch servicing is not always cost affective compared to the purchase price. If you do have the battery changed always take the watch to a qualified repairer.

General watch cleaning

The most regular kind of maintenance required for a watch consists of general cleaning. This is a task that any watch owner can undertake. Using a clean cloth dipped in slightly soapy water. Ringed out so its damp – not wet is the best way to wipe down the case, glass and band [leather and stainless]. This can help lift off any hard to move dirt. Then with a dry microfibre cloth wipe off any moistiuer to bring the watch and band back to an all over shine.

Care when setting your watch

Finally, to keep your watch running without an issue, always set or adjust the time / date between 6am and 6pm. Keep it away from magnets. And don’t store it in direct sun light.

How to choose the best watch under $300

When choosing a great watch under $300, or buying any watch, there are several key elements to consider. Four of these elements are:

Wrist watch Movement

A watch movement is its engine and they are either quartz or mechanical. A quartz movement is powered by a battery and a mechanical movement is self-winding or hand wound. Because SEITIES watches aim to produce great watches under $300, we incorporate Swiss or Japaness quartz movements. SEITIES watches chose these movements for their precision and advanced technology. Therefore a SEITIES watch will last for years with great accuracy.

Wrist Watch Case

The quality of a watch can be identified by the material its case is constructed of. 316L stainless steel has a greater corrosion resistance than standard stainless steel. It is also tougher than alloy watch cases. Therfore by using 316L stainless steel SEITIES watches take a step forward in our aim to produce great watches under $300. As a result you can be confident a SEITIES watch will shine for years.

Wrist Watch Glass

The glass of a watch is the window to its display. Hence to make sure we produce great watches under $300 we use hardened mineral glass as a minimum. Hardened mineral glass is heat or chemically treated to produce a surface that is more scratch resistant. As a result it is a superior product than the commonly used plastic glass or basic mineral glass. For that reason SEITIES watches use hardened mineral glass to ensure they remain clear.

Wrist Watch Band

Leather bands integrate contemporary design with durable quality. The band of a watch can portray the owner’s identity and style. Individual identity is the essence of SEITIES watches. Therefore genuine leather bands are fitted to all watches. We also offer a range of additional elegant and sophisticated bands to suit any attire, style or mood. Hence a SEITIES watch can be as individual as you.

Great Watches Under $300

Therefore when looking for a great watch under $300, consider and review these four elements. If you find a watch with quality in all four areas you can be confident its a great watch. SEITIES watches certainly aim to achieve this. As a result we believe our watches are some of the best watches under $300. We are confident you will agree, and therefore offer any buyer a lifetime loyalty discount.

Watch movements – How do you choose the right one?

Watch movements are the heart of a watch, with each type of movement having their own advantages. There are two basic movement types; quartz and mechanical. In quartz movements a battery passes an electrical curret through a quartz, which oscillate at a precise frequency. Concequently this drives the movement turning the hands. Hand or automatic winding charges a mainspring in mechanical movements. As a result the spring releases stored energy, which concequently turns the gears of the watch.

Quartz Watch Movements

Seiko introduced the first quartz watch in December 1969. First of all quartz watches were analogue watches. Then came the digital quartz watch. Initially quartz movements met resistance from the mechanical movement manufacturers and Swiss watchmakers. Consequently these sections of the watch inductry were less willing to accept the technology. However, due to the accuracy of a quartz movement and no need for winding, the industry adopted the technology.

Mechanical Watch Movements

Originally women wore wristwatches, and men used pocket watches. Leather bands were then fitted to pocket watches and concequently wrist watches were produced. The first wrist watches were used by the matilary a design feature also seen today. Mechanical movements require highly skilled watch making. Concequently they are the movements almost always seen in high end wrist watches.

Swiss Watch Movements

Therefore to enable SEITIES watches to produce high quality watches at an affordable price we have chosen to use Swiss quartz movements in our limited release – debut; Day / Date watch. Above all we believe the cost to benefit ratio for using a quartz movement far outweighs that of a mechanical movement. As a result SEITIES watches provide a highly accurate watch without the price tag to match.