What merges a watch from function to fashion

Originally watches were made for function. For example, a Rolex submariner or an IWC big pilot both made with a purpose in mind. However, today these watches are just as common at a fashion show or social event as on a diver’s or pilot’s wrist. So what merges a watch from function to fashion. There are many aspects of a watch’s design that enables it to easily move between the elements of function and fashion. However, two of the most significant elements are the band and the case material.


Watch Band Function and Fashion

As the band is changeable not only does it allow a watch to move from function to fashion. It also enables a watch to fit in with any social situation. Take a diver’s watch with a stainless-steel link band. Change the band to a classic brown alligator band it softens the look to fit in with casual clothing or even a dinner suit. Or swap a rubber band from a divers watch to a stainless-steel band. Turning an active sports look into a classic evening look. At SEITIES watches being able to personalise your watch for the appropriate situation is important. Therefore, all the Day/Date range come with the option to add stainless mesh and NATO bands. In doing so you can adapt your Seities watch to fit any occasion.


Watch Case Function and Fashion

The case material of a watch ranges from stainless steel, to titanium, gold, carbon as well as ceramics to name a few. The different materials are synonymous with the watches function. For example, the use of stainless steel in diving watches. It is however the different colour essence of the case material that contributes to a watch’s style. With the Seities watches Day/Day range we opted for the classic stainless-steel look as well as a PDV rose look. The classic stainless-steel look enables the wearer to fit in at all occasions from the work place, to a casual gathering as well as a high-class event. Simply change the band to suit the occasion or your dress style. For a more elegant look there is the PDV rose case. With a subtle hue that enables it to fit in from any casual to formal setting.


Ultimately a watch has a function, to tell the time. However, today in many instances a watch is simply used as a fashion accessory. For example, how common is it for those that are wearing a watch to check the time on their mobile telephone.