Watches with Minimal and Contemporary Design

In what way is Minimal and Contemporary Design seen in watch design?


Minimal Design Watches


Simplicity and an avoidance of clutter signifies minimalist design. It is a design characteristic that uses basic elements. In life today there are many aspects of minimal design. We can see it in architecture, art, literature and music. Minimal designs highlight function, emphasising elements that are essential in providing an uncomplicated appearance.  For example, in architecture we see materials such as concrete and wood. These materials are used for their function and simplicity. When combined with clean geometry, minimalist design can be accomplished.


Watch design now incorporates Minimalist characteristics. The removal of complicate dial designs, bezels and lugs. The use of simple rather than elaborate hands all of which can be seen in many of today’s watch designs. It is these minimalist ideals that have led to the development of SEITIES watches day/date limited release. Utilising a clean clear dial design with simple day and date sub dials. SEITIES watches also use 316L stainless steel, hardened mineral glass and genuine leather bands. In doing so emphasising the use of basic elements within the watch industry. The goal of which was to produce a clean, clear, functional watch, the result being the limited release Day/Date range.


Contemporary Design Watches


Contemporary design identifies a style of design that is current now.  The contemporary designs we see today like minimalist designs also consist of a clean and uncluttered look. The style uses materials for their form, such as chrome finishes alongside polished wood in interior design. Linking the hard element of steel to woods softer natural aspect.  Contemporary design uses a materials colour as a feature of the design creating simple colour pallets. With the Combination of 316L stainless steel and soft leather bands SEITIES watches utilise this contemporary design feature.

Contemporary design also uses basic colours such as white, grey and black. The use of these colours provides the crisp finish to contemporary design. At SEITIES watches we utilise white and black dials in our designs to highlight the simple clean style of the watch. Combine with the absence of numbers this provides a clear and uncluttered look synonymous with contemporary and minimalist design.