How to choose the best watch under $300

When choosing a great watch under $300, or buying any watch, there are several key elements to consider. Four of these elements are:

Wrist watch Movement

A watch movement is its engine and they are either quartz or mechanical. A quartz movement is powered by a battery and a mechanical movement is self-winding or hand wound. Because SEITIES watches aim to produce great watches under $300, we incorporate Swiss or Japaness quartz movements. SEITIES watches chose these movements for their precision and advanced technology. Therefore a SEITIES watch will last for years with great accuracy.

Wrist Watch Case

The quality of a watch can be identified by the material its case is constructed of. 316L stainless steel has a greater corrosion resistance than standard stainless steel. It is also tougher than alloy watch cases. Therfore by using 316L stainless steel SEITIES watches take a step forward in our aim to produce great watches under $300. As a result you can be confident a SEITIES watch will shine for years.

Wrist Watch Glass

The glass of a watch is the window to its display. Hence to make sure we produce great watches under $300 we use hardened mineral glass as a minimum. Hardened mineral glass is heat or chemically treated to produce a surface that is more scratch resistant. As a result it is a superior product than the commonly used plastic glass or basic mineral glass. For that reason SEITIES watches use hardened mineral glass to ensure they remain clear.

Wrist Watch Band

Leather bands integrate contemporary design with durable quality. The band of a watch can portray the owner’s identity and style. Individual identity is the essence of SEITIES watches. Therefore genuine leather bands are fitted to all watches. We also offer a range of additional elegant and sophisticated bands to suit any attire, style or mood. Hence a SEITIES watch can be as individual as you.

Great Watches Under $300

Therefore when looking for a great watch under $300, consider and review these four elements. If you find a watch with quality in all four areas you can be confident its a great watch. SEITIES watches certainly aim to achieve this. As a result we believe our watches are some of the best watches under $300. We are confident you will agree, and therefore offer any buyer a lifetime loyalty discount.