Caring for your Watch

A watch is a machine. Like all machines it requires care to remain in good working order.

Care While Wearing Your Watch

We purchas watches to be worn. The care of a watch can however, be forgotten or overlooked when worn. When wearing a watch avoid tasks that may cause damage such as gardening, DIY/construction and mechanical work. These tasks can cause unwanted dust or dirt to get onto or into your watch. There is also an added to the chance of scratching. Many fashion watches are 3ATM waterproof, therefore they should not be warn for swimming. Washing up and showering should also be undertaken with care depending on your watches water resistance.

Leisure Activities and Your Watch

Also depending on your watches water resistance, it is also important to be careful during certain leisure actives. Activities such as swimming in salt water, taking a hot spa or venturing into a steam room. These can cause corrosion as well as moisture to penetrate inside your watch. After taking a dip in the ocean even the best watches should be washed off in fresh water. This can prevent salt water corrosion.

Regular watch maintenance

Aside from caring for your watch while wearing it regular maintenance is require to keep it ticking and looking good. Mechanical watches should be serviced every four to seven years. However it is best to refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturers guide. Depending on the expence of a quartz watch servicing is not always cost affective compared to the purchase price. If you do have the battery changed always take the watch to a qualified repairer.

General watch cleaning

The most regular kind of maintenance required for a watch consists of general cleaning. This is a task that any watch owner can undertake. Using a clean cloth dipped in slightly soapy water. Ringed out so its damp – not wet is the best way to wipe down the case, glass and band [leather and stainless]. This can help lift off any hard to move dirt. Then with a dry microfibre cloth wipe off any moistiuer to bring the watch and band back to an all over shine.

Care when setting your watch

Finally, to keep your watch running without an issue, always set or adjust the time / date between 6am and 6pm. Keep it away from magnets. And don’t store it in direct sun light.