Buying a watch online

There are number key factors to consider when buying a watch on line. Three of these consist of security, shipping and guarantee.


The first thing to check is the site address. Is it http or https? https indicates that the site is secure.  Also look for the little lock icon this also indicates the site is secure. Does the business have an SSL – Secure Sockets Layer certificate. SSL Certificates identify the secure connection between the consumer and the seller. Finally, secure payments. When making payments online you need to know your details are secure. Pay Pal have a proven track record in providing secure online purchase procedures. They keep the purchases details encrypted and protected. SEITIES watches utilise all these security protocols to establish trust between you and the brand.  We have chosen to use Pay Pal as our payment method, because of their security features and excellent history with seamless online payment systems.



Once you have purchased your product you want to know it’s going to arrive with no delays and in perfect condition. This is where a secure postal / shipping agent is important. Shipping that can be tracked every step of the way. With a signature required on delivery. It is also important that your purchase is insured for loss or damage during the shipping process. SEITIES watches shipping agents provide all the above aspects to their service. This providing piece of mind that our product arrives on time in perfect condition.


Whatever you buy you expect it to work and be fit for the purpose of its purchase. This is no different when buying online. If you buy something that doesn’t work then you should expect the right of repair, replacement or refund. SEITIES watches value honesty and integrity. Therefore, SEITIES watches offer a 1 year warranty. This covers all parts of the watch that may need repair due to fault or defect under normal use. The warranty excludes the battery and band as well as normal wear and tear and improper use.