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Watches have a standard scale for identifying how waterproof…
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How to build your own watch

At SEITIES watches we have always had a passion for watches.…
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What do you need to consider when buying a watch as a gift?

With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner here are…
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Watches with Minimal and Contemporary Design

In what way is Minimal and Contemporary Design seen in watch…
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What merges a watch from function to fashion

Originally watches were made for function. For example, a Rolex…
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Buying a watch online

There are number key factors to consider when buying a watch…
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Caring for your Watch

A watch is a machine. Like all machines it requires care to remain…
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How to choose the best watch under $300

When choosing a great watch under $300, or buying any watch,…
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Watch movements – How do you choose the right one?

Watch movements are the heart of a watch, with each type of movement…

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