Founded in 2015, the primary aim of SEITIES Watches is to make watches as individual as the wearer; Seity [si:ITI]– noun personal identity. This vision is at the forefront of our research and development with the production of truly individualized time pieces on the horizon. As we develop as a brand we are producing high quality time pieces, with exceptional design features in exclusive numbers. The first of which is the SEITIES [DAY/DATE] collection, limited to only 300 pieces, these are watches that offer stunning contemporary minimalist design. Next, the Chrono 1 collection, watches that belie their strength behind a classic design, a watch that really is suitable for any occasion.

Brisbane, Australia is the home of SEITIES watches. Behind the brand is Nick Palmer, the company founder who believes in following his dreams and in doing so combines his love of watches and design to live a better more fulfilling life. Innovation, loyalty and family are the company values, and as a business we are constantly seek to improve and give back to community.

We believe everyone who purchases a SEITIES watch should be appreciated and thanked by us. As a token of our gratitude, we offer membership into the SEITIES family.  The advantage of being a family member firstly consists of a lifetime discount of 10%*. Secondly be the first to receive details of our upcoming watch releases. Finally, members receive exclusive pre-release purchase events.

[*does not include sale items]

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